Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chapter 7

Vanessa’s headphones sit around her neck while music continues to play as she bops her head to the beat. “Huh.” She stares at the photos comparing the two.

Elissa leans closer, “What?”

“See this?” Vanessa pulls her headset off completely so she can move freely across the room. She presses a button on a remote and the photos are projected and enlarged. Pointing to the photo on the left, “This is the side of the pool where the blood was found.”

“Right… only it looks smeared not splattered.” Elissa steps closer peering at the photo.

“True and it was… by hand.” She touches the screen, tapping twice before elongating her fingers, enlarging the image. “You can see here how it’s not random, that isn’t a splatter of blood. Someone put it there to take the attention away from what really caused the wound.”

“What about the wound?” Elissa watches as Vanessa brings up another photograph, this one of their second victim and zooming closer to the head wound.

Vanessa points to the wound’s shape. “While the water has been kind enough to clean the wound, it also diluted the blood around the wound itself. Here you can see the indention is not angular, it is circular. So as Doc pointed out, it was blunt trauma to the head, but not the side of the pool.”

Elissa nods slowly. “Travis Knight was killed.”

“The amount of drugs and alcohol in his system could have killed a horse, but it was the hit to the head and drowning that killed him.” Vanessa tilts her head and steps closer to the screen. “I just need to figure out what that is and we may have a weapon.”

“Oh that would make life a bit easier. Do you think you can really do that?” Elissa steps closer peering at the wound and wrinkling her nose. “Ya I have no idea what I’m looking at.”

Vanessa simply grins and moves her out of the way. “Go do your detective-ly type…” She waves a hand in the general direction of the door, “stuff. Leave this to me.”

Elissa grins gratefully moving out of the way, “Thanks, Vanessa.”


The phone on her desk rings again just as she reaches out to pick it up. “1st Division, Putnam.” Her eyes widen and she turns towards Hector while listening to the caller. “Thanks for the update. We’ll be out later this morning. A crew should be there or will be shortly.”

Elissa stares at the handset in her hand, biting her lip. Hector grows impatient. “Who was that and what was the update?”

“That was our friend the butler, Cecil ‘I-don’t-exist’ Jonahs,” Elissa sets the handset back on the cradle. “He believes the ‘do-da’ event that Kingston Riley referred to was to be Peter Hamilton’s funeral. Mrs. Hamilton told Cecil last night to expect a large gathering in the gardens. Apparently she is throwing some kind of party.”

“His body was released this morning.” Hector peers at her. “How did she get word last night?”

“We’ll just have to ask her.” Elissa leans against her desk, folding her arms. “Have you heard back about Cecil’s bogus last name?”

“Not yet, boys downstairs said to give them another day.” Hector looks at the clock, notes the time and closes his notebook. “You’re on your own going back to the house. I have someone coming in.”

“What’s going on?” She watches as he slips his coat back on and fixes his collar. “Hector? Who’s coming in?”

“I’ll fill you in later.” Grabbing up his notebook, Hector winds his way through desks towards the interrogation rooms without a backwards glance.

He pauses with his hand on the knob taking a calming breath before entering. The occupant doesn’t bother to look up from the table. “Thanks for coming in.” Hector sets a folder on the table and takes a seat across from him. He folds his hands across the folder looking at the man calmly. Jenson remains impassive for a few minutes before sighing deeply.

“Did you know Travis Knight?” Hector opens the file in front of him, sifting through pages.

“Did I, not do I?” Jenson clasps his fingers together, leaving them in plain sight on the table before him before lifting his gaze to meet Hector’s. “No.”

“He was found dead at the Hamilton estate yesterday.” Hector watches Jenson noting no reaction. “We also learned you have had regular meetings with Peter Hamilton.”

Jenson’s lip quirks, “I work for Hamilton Industries.”

“You had a private meeting with Peter Hamilton the night before his death. You failed to mention having visited the estate the night before his murder.” Hector peers at him, having chosen his words carefully.

“You didn’t ask.” Jenson’s eyes tighten as he fights for control. “So his death wasn’t an accident?”

“No, Peter Hamilton was killed-”

“Shit…” Hector’s words are interrupted as Jenson flinches physically. “Of course, you’re homicide. Why else would you be investigating his death? Sorry, it’s just…” Jenson stands suddenly and begins pacing. “You tell him, be careful Pete… you’re pissing off too many people, you’re too powerful for such a small town and no, he doesn’t want to listen because he feels invincible.” He grabs the back of the chair bracing his body as it threatens to sway. “Ah, fuck.”

Jenson leans against the wall as his emotions break loose. He closes his eyes tight against the tears that stubbornly fall and he groans. “It was hard enough knowing he died, alone in some ravine… but murdered? Who could do something like that?” He shakes his head slowly. “If they just knew him, if…” Jenson swipes angrily at his eyes, brushing away his tears calming his outburst. He straightens and sits back into the chair, staring at the table. “Interview is over. I want a lawyer.”

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CeeCee said...

Jenson lawyered up?

And the plot just keeps getting thicker and thicker!

Are you sure that YOU even know who the murderer was? LOL

Kethwyn said...

>Are you sure that YOU even know who the murderer was? LOL

Obviously the murderer was.... THIS! Or wait, was Peter Hamilton THIS, since it's titled "The End to This"?