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Cast / Roles (in order of appearance)
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Peter Hamilton
Elissa Putnam
Hector Fredericko
Cecil Jonahs
Celina Jonahs
Zania Hamilton
Odette London
Jenson McMillan
Evangeline Fredericko
Travis Knight
Vanessa Tribalt
Kingston Riley
Dennis Hamilton
Tiana Hamilton
Aemilia Jonahs-Parker

Special thanks to Toots for creating the photos and some of the missing Sim-me’s to go along with the story and to CeeCee for beta reading, editing and all around putting up with my rambling insecurities.

Thanks to all the lovely LL ladies for putting up with my insanity and the fun with all of This.

No Sims were killed during the making of This. They were tortured, tormented, taunted and teased… but none were killed.

This is it, This is finally over.


Peter heard the door open, heard the door close, heard his heart breaking and watched as the car drove slowly down the drive and out of sight. He stood in the same spot Jenson was in when he came in and would swear he could still smell his cologne.

Unsure of how long he stood there, he wasn’t surprised to hear the door open again, nor the hesitant steps towards him. “I’m okay.” His voice cracked with emotion, belying the words he just spoke.

“Liar.” Arms slipped around him and he pulled her to him as a sob tore through him.

“I’m sorry. You shouldn’t see me like this.” He rested his cheek on the top of her head and she held him tighter.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Her hand rubbed his back consoling him.

“No, not really. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this yet.” He kissed the top of her head and sighed heavily. “Can I ask you something without you hedging or sugar coating a response?”

Celina looked up at him and nodded slowly. “Okay.”

“Are you ashamed of me? Am I that hateful, that you don’t want anyone to know you’re my daughter?” The pain in his eyes caused her to pause and she dropped her head on his chest.

Her response was muffled. “No and yes?”

Peter chuckled and walked to the couch to sit. “I guess I deserve that.” He dropped his long frame on the couch, arms splayed, head back as a wistful sigh escaped. “People think they know me. Only a few really do. I lost the only woman I ever loved. I just lost the only man I will ever love.”

Celina took a seat beside him. “Want some company on your trip tomorrow?”

“Next time. I’ll take you any where you want. You name it, the world is yours.” He pulled her into his embrace. “Where will we go?”

“I’ve always wanted to go to Europe.” Peter nodded slowly. “Promise?”

“I promise.” Peter looked at his daughter and put on a brave front. “I always keep my promises.”

Celina grins up at him. “I love you, Dad.”

Epilogue page 2

“Evangeline Fredericko you are hereby given one hundred thousand dollars,” Evangeline gasps and covers her mouth in surprise, “Eva, my saucy friend, you are by far one of my favorite people in Sunset Valley. I enjoy our shopping trips. Thank you for being here for me and keeping my dirty little secret. Men like me have few friends, real friends that we can trust. I have a favor to ask, last one I promise. Eva, take care of my Jenson. He has a tough exterior but even if he won’t say it, he needs me as much as I need him.” Evangeline glances over at Jenson just as he discreetly wipes a stray tear.

“There is one more person that I wish to speak to.” Peter combs his fingers through his hair and hesitates to continue. “Cecil…” Everyone turns their attention briefly to the two at the opposite end of the table. The woman sitting is dabbing at her eyes with a handkerchief and Cecil standing behind her chair gripping it so hard his knuckles have turned white.

“Rhetta took a chance when she hired you at such a young age and allowing you in my home. I admit I was against the idea at first, but there was just something about you even then. Something about your eyes and I allowed you to stay. You have never let me down. You have never disappointed me… that is, until I found out your secret.” Again every head in the room turns to stare at Cecil, except for Odette. Cecil’s usual calm manner is gone, silent tears have taken its place.

“If by the time of my death, the truth has not come out… well, it is about to. No more hiding. Be the person you were born to be. Be the person I know you can be. I have loved you from the moment you told me the truth. I wish I knew sooner.”


“Oh, sorry, I was looking for… Cecil?” Peter walks into the room closing the door behind him. He stares in stunned disbelief at the person crumpled in the middle of the room wearing a camisole and boxer briefs frantically wiping at her tears with the palm of her hands.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” Cecil tries to stand and staggers blindly. Peter catches her as she is about to fall over, helping her into a chair.

“I, um…” Peter scratches his head. “I’m officially stumped. You’re…”

“Not a guy,” Cecil shrugs a shoulder weakly and stares at the paper in her hand. “I need to tell you something and I…”

Peter calmly takes a seat in the armchair, his gaze firmly on the person trying to control her sobbing and doing a poor job of it. “Yes, you need to tell me what the fuck is going on before I decide your fate. Lying to me is bad. Lying to me while living in my home for the past four and a half years is very bad for your well being. So talk, talk fast and make each word count.”

Pacing unsteadily she begins, “My name isn’t Cecil. It’s Celina, Celina Jonahs.” She watches as Peter’s eyebrow quirks at her last name. “I grew up not knowing my father. My mother wouldn’t tell me who he was. I would ask and she would say, ‘I’ll tell you when you’re older’. When I turned eighteen, she relented and finally told me his name. You see, my birth certificate doesn’t have a father listed, it just says unknown, so I had to get proof or it was just her word. I’ve been debating for a few years if I really wanted to know if it’s true or not and finally I got the money saved up for the test and…” she takes a deep breath, “today I got the results.”

Celina hands him the paper she was holding so tightly it crumpled. “My mother is Aemilia Jonahs, my father is Peter Hamilton.”

“Aemilia…” Peter’s eyes scan the results of the DNA testing while the impact slowly sinks in. “You didn’t use my blood…”

“Hair follicles. I’m sorry this whole thing was handled so underhanded. I wanted to know if you really could be my father and I knew if I just came knocking on the door you’d throw me out thinking I was just after your money. Mom said she didn’t know your last name until years later.” Celina swipes at her eyes again. “She also said she never told you about me.”

“No, she never did.” Peter stares at Celina. “You have her eyes.” Celina bites her quivering lip and he sets the paper down on the coffee table. “So what happens now?”

“You let me keep working here?” Celina winces when he laughs, hard, abrupt and loud.

“You want to continue working for me? Why?” Peter watches her carefully.

Celina stares at her hands, “I just want to get to know you, who you are, what makes you tick. I’ve always dreamed of having a father. Now I have one and well…” She starts pacing again. “You’re pretty fascinating and super intimidating.” Her head snaps up when he gets out of his chair.

Peter steps over to her and pulls her into a bear hug. Celina buries her face into his chest, clinging to him. “I have another daughter. You’re my first born.” He chuckles and she looks up at him confused. “Dennis is not going to like that.”

“He’s his father’s son, he’ll adapt.” Celina lays her cheek on his chest. “Nothing has to change. I actually enjoy my work. I like taking care of the family, cooking for everyone. Did you know I didn’t even know how to cook when I first got here?”

“Yes,” he snorts, “Rhetta mentioned it. She said you burned the soup.” He lays his cheek on her head. “How do you burn soup?”

“Put the pot on the stove and forget you did it.” Celina grins. “It’s not funny.” His whole body is rocking with his laughter. “I really don’t want things to change. Your wife scares me. Please, we don’t have to tell her.”

“One day we will have to tell her. One day I’d like you to be able to tell the world.” Peter feels her trembling in his embrace. “Once you get used to the idea of being a Hamilton. I admit it can be overwhelming.”


Peter clears his throat. “Right, you already know this.” He waves a dismissive hand. “Bottom line time, and here it is. You’re fired. I won’t have you working for Zania. She already thinks we’re having an affair. The thought is horrifying, I know. I thought I was going to be sick when she accused me but I kept your secret and allowed her to continue in her beliefs. I mentioned the bank accounts for my children. That includes you, my first born.”

Immediate reactions ranged from a gasp from Tatiana, an outburst from Dennis and a sob from Celina. “From the moment you told me, I wanted you to join the family but you hesitated. Being a Hamilton, being my child, that takes some getting used to I suppose. You had your reasons to remain unknown and I honored your wishes. Now it is time to honor mine.

“We have talked for the past six months and the one thing that has come up more often than not is what you want to do with your life and, my dear child, it is time. You have the means now, Celina. Go to school, be a chef. Stop hiding in my backyard. Life is passing you by and by the Gods woman, you’re a Hamilton. It is time you live up to that.

“There is a stipulation on your account. You need to legally change your last name to Hamilton. This is important to me. You are my daughter, you are a Hamilton. I want everyone to know. Besides, your account is in the name of Celina Hamilton so if you want it… well, you know what you have to do.”

Celina chuckles and shakes her head. “He always gets his way.”

“There’s one more thing, Celina. There’s this building down by the beach. I’m sure you know the one. We’ve talked about it enough times. The one that over looks the beach; not too far from town, not too close, the one that would be the ideal place for a restaurant.

“The building and the land it sits on belongs to Hamilton Industries. I bought it yesterday.” He smiles genuinely, eyes lighting up reflecting his happiness. “It is yours, Celina. Make it what you want, tear down the building, build a new one, remodel that one, it doesn’t matter. The land is yours, the building is yours.

“You would not believe the hoops that man tried to make me jump through. I suppose he didn’t care who I was. Rather foolish of him. I was willing to be generous until the bastard tried to get greedy.” Peter’s eyes glint like steel. “Anyhow, live your dream and… well…

“There is one last thing I would ask of you.” Peter drops his gaze and frowns. “When I asked about your mother, you mentioned she is married.” He smirks at the camera, “happily. You wouldn’t tell me where she is, so I hired someone to find her.” He takes a calming breath.

“I know you said she has a good husband, but I had to know. I had to make sure.” He shrugs a shoulder, “you might not want to tell her I had him investigated. You’re right. He is good to her.” The woman beside Celina shakes her head slowly.

“Please, just tell Aemilia that I love her. I never stopped loving her. In my safety deposit box, along with Tiana’s trinkets there is a ring, a modest little thing that I bought years ago. Back before she knew my last name, back when we were just Aemilia and Pete. Take it to her and tell her…” Celina sets a comforting hand on her mother’s shoulder as quiet tears fall from Aemilia’s eyes. He looks at the camera with pleading eyes. “Tell her I’m sorry.”



“Why am I-”

“Follow me, please.” Cecil leads the way into the formal dining room effectively cutting off any further questions.

The woman hesitates for only a second, looking around her nervously with wide eyes feeling utterly overwhelmed and more than a bit lost. “I don’t understand, Ce-”

“Please,” Cecil’s eyes plead silently with the woman, “just sit here and wait. Everything will be explained. I promise.”

With a quick nervous nod she sits as asked looking around in fascination. She grips a handkerchief and folds her hands on her lap avoiding eye contact with the others currently filing into the room, two escorted by Cecil, two walking in of their own accord.

“Who is-” Her question goes half asked as the young man she’s walking with leads her away to the opposite end of the long dining table.

There aren’t many gathered; only five people. All of them glance at each other, avoiding eye contact, sitting along the same side of the table, facing a large blank screen.

Odette walks in to the room, heels clicking staccato notes on the tile flooring with each step, carrying a briefcase in one hand that she sets down at the head of the table. She looks along the table with a small smile before opening her briefcase, pulling out official documents and setting them down before her. “You have all been asked to bear witness to the last will and testament of Peter Hamilton, as dictated to me on Wednesday, January 18, 2012.”

She turns to Cecil and hands him a disc case. “Prior to the reading, it was his wish for this to be viewed by a select few.” Their eyes meet and Odette gives Cecil a meaningful nod before taking a seat. Every one’s attention is quickly moved from Odette to Cecil as he slips the disc into the player and steps back. Using the remote he turns the volume up before fading into the background taking position behind the nervous woman.

The screen comes to life showing Peter Hamilton sitting in a chair, presumably in Odette’s office sparking murmurs around the table of watchers. He’s adjusting his tie, straightening it, his expression is thoughtful and distant until Odette’s voice off camera brings him back to the present. “We’re ready when you are, Mr. Hamilton. Are you sure about this?”

“Is anyone ever sure about these things?” Peter gives her a lopsided grin and a small shrug. “Is my tie straight?” He looks off camera and sits back trying to relax, staring into the camera and he suddenly laughs. “I should make it crooked so that my daughter will be so distracted through this whole thing just wishing she could reach into the screen and straighten it.”

Peter smooths his tie, “I’m ready.” He looks at the camera and takes a moment. “So, this is probably a bit creepy for you. You’re sitting there watching this recording because I’m gone… dead… buried… but hopefully not forgotten.” He folds his hands across his stomach and tilts his head at the camera.

“I’m not going to bore you for too long, if you’re there watching me, chances are I left you something or I have something to say to you… possibly both. Over the years I have met some interesting people, some that have impacted my life beyond their comprehension, others that I’ve forgotten the moment they left my sight.” He sits forward now, his forearms resting on his knees and he peers at the camera. “There was this girl. We were eighteen, our first summer out of high school.” He grins and chuckles shaking his head. “She was it, I was in love.”

Peter sits back in his armchair and sighs. “Father wouldn’t have it, she wasn’t rich, wasn’t from the right family. You probably guessed at what happened next, it’s straight from a cheesy novel. I was sent away to college and I had no idea what became of her. I never forgot her.”


The sun was just rising over the water. Sunbeams shined off the waves casting glimmering light and color. A girl stood in awe watching the display for a long time before closing her eyes and lifting her face to the sun, allowing the warmth to envelop her. Her short light brown hair gently whipped around her calm heart-shaped face dancing with the soft breeze. She let out a squeak of surprise when he slipped his arms around her. “Pete, you scared me!”

Peter grinned in her neck, placing small kisses along her jaw. His arms firmly wrapped around her middle, held her close. “Good morning, my wife.”

“Wife,” Aemilia giggled and leaned back against him. “I am not your wife… yet. Think you’ll tell me about your family before we actually get married?”

“You’ll know when you meet them.” Peter glared out over the water at a point beyond his view his brows furrowed with unspoken doubts.

She looked up at him with wide frightened eyes, the color of golden honey. “What if your family doesn’t like me?”

“What’s not to like? You are the most beautiful person, inside and out. They’ll love you as much as I do.” Peter kissed her forehead.

She shivered in his arms. “I hope you’re right.” Aemilia bit her lip and looked up at him as if to say something but changed her mind. She kissed his jaw and turned her attention back to the sunrise.

“What? What is it?” Peter’s hold on her tightened.

“Nothing,” Aemilia hesitated, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”


He clears his throat and straightens in his chair, his look hardens and he stares into the camera. “Right, enough of that, let’s get down to business. Dennis, you have come far and are growing into a man I can say I’m proud to call son. I am entrusting the family business to you… when the time is right.” Peter’s gaze is directed straight into the camera, intense and focused.

“You must have a degree in order to fill that position. You will need to experience life, sew those wild oats and then you come home and take over.” Dennis raises an eyebrow of surprise. “Yes, that’s right. I’m not only giving you permission, I’m demanding you to live your life. Son, go experience college life, dorm life, just life in general. When you’re ready, you’ll come home. I have faith in you.”

“During his absence I will need someone to take charge of the company. Therefore, I’m entrusting the business to the only man I can trust. The only man I have ever met that is strong enough, mentally and physically, to put me in my place.” Peter gets a far off wistful look. “Jenson McMillan, I am entrusting you as President and CEO of my company, Hamilton Industries. Upon my son, Dennis Hamilton’s return, you will forfeit the position of CEO to him and remain as the President until you choose to retire.”

“Dennis, this is important. Jenson is a good man, with business sense to rival my own and more passion than…” Peter’s words fade and he gives a half quirk of a grin. Jenson sits quietly. His face is a mask of calm with hands folded neatly on the table. Peter continues, “Jenson, take care of my company and watch over my son.” His lips quirk into a grin, “keep him honest.” Jenson’s mask cracks then. He chuckles softly at this and looks at his folded hands, avoiding anyone else’s gaze.


“You have a visitor…” Cecil’s voice was hesitant.

“Oh?” Peter glanced up from his desk at him. He frowned with concern by Cecil’s unease. “Who is it?”

“Jenson McMillan.” Cecil dropped his gaze uncomfortably. “He said it was urgent.”

Peter’s whole body became rigid at the mention of Jenson’s name. “For him to come to my home, it damn well better be.” He dropped his pen, rising quickly from his chair crossing the room in four long strides. He paused beside Cecil, panic curled in his belly while he stared at the door behind the man. “Who knows he is here?”

“No one, I took him to my house and came directly here for you.” Cecil looked up at Peter searching his face. “I won’t pretend to understand but I know how you feel about…”

“Once again I have put you in a bit of an awkward position. I’m sorry.” Peter put his hand on Cecil’s shoulder, gave it a gentle squeeze. “Zania is never to know he was here.”

Cecil nodded once. “Of course, you know where my loyalty lies.”

He smiled at Cecil. “Thank you.” Peter leaned closer, gently kissed Cecil’s temple. “Stay in the main house until I return. I’ll be back shortly.” He slipped out of the room and made good time down the hallway. His mind was reeling with questions. Why here, why now, what is he up to and how can he think to justify this intrusion?

Peter slipped through the door letting it click softly behind him. He took the spiral steps of the servant’s area as fast as he dared, skipping a step here and there to hasten his journey. His heart was racing, his palms were sweating and he paused to get a grip on his expectations. Jenson wasn’t here for their usual meetings. This was different.

Unfortunately this didn’t quiet his concerns, only raised more. Peter hastened his steps taking the corridor he had built for Cecil, connecting the main house with his. He paused at the door and took a calming breath. He threw the door open and entered Cecil’s home. His breath was caught in his chest at the sight of him, pacing with his hands folded behind his back, shoulders drooped with uncertainty. Peter’s panic balled in his stomach, clenching tighter. “Jenson?”

Jenson was facing the window looking out at the Hamilton estate. He jumped in surprise and turned quickly to face Peter. “Where-”

“It doesn’t matter. What is so urgent you came here… to my home… are you fucking insane?” He crossed the distance between them on shaking legs. Peter paused and took another calming breath. His whole body was trembling.

Jenson slipped his hand along Peter’s jaw, wrapping around the back of his neck to pull him closer. Their lips clashed in a heated kiss, Peter clutched at Jenson’s shoulders. All too soon the kiss ended, Jenson smirked at him. “I’ve been told I am…”

Peter stared longingly at Jenson’s lips, “We can’t, not here-”

“I won’t be in Hidden Springs tomorrow.” Jenson leaned his forehead against Peter’s. “I’m going to ask her to marry me, Peter.”

“You love her.” Jenson nodded once. Peter closed is eyes, his voice cracked with emotion. “She is a lucky woman.” Peter stepped closer feeling Jenson’s warmth one last time as they embraced. “Be happy, Jenson.”


Peter clears his throat and moves on, “Tiana, you’ve been dreaming of becoming a pilot. Your mother would have you believe that I am against the idea but she lies. I’m concerned about your safety, sure, but this is what you want so I’m behind you. I bought a small bi-plane a month ago. I haven’t told you about it because I want you to wait until you’re eighteen. I know, I’m mean and evil, blah, blah. Still I’ve been holding on to this for you so take lessons, have fun. Just promise me you’ll be careful.”

He chuckles low, “You are the most grounded person I know. More mature than any sixteen year old has the right to be. Just be happy, Princess. Oh and I have a, um, small confession to make. There’s a safety deposit box with jewelry in it for you. You don’t really think I remember to buy you a trinket every time I travel, do you?” He shakes his head grinning. “No, I’m sure you don’t.”

“I have set up individual accounts for each of my children in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars. Any child of mine under twenty-five, your account will be held in trust and you will be given a monthly allowance of five thousand dollars. Other than an emergency, there are no advances on your monthly allowance.” He smirks then and leans forward. “You do not stipulate what is considered an emergency. Needing new shoes to match your mood is not an emergency, Tiana. Odette-” The sound of someone clearing their throat is evident at this point and he chuckles.

“Ms. London has a list of what I deem as an emergency.” He sits back and smirks at someone off camera.

“Zany, my drunken tramp of a wife, I pray that by the time I kick the old proverbial bucket I’d have enough sense to divorce you.” His gaze drops and he shakes his head. “Not likely but maybe you’ll be fed up enough to leave… no, you won’t do that either. Doesn’t matter, there’s an account in your name. Not much, just enough to keep you from being able to nullify this will.”

“That means Zany, you worthless bitch, you’re lucky to get fifty thousand. If you can’t live off of that, Zania. Tell that lazy pool boy, or as Cecil aptly calls him fool boy, to get a job.” Tiana looks to her brother. Dennis slips his arm around her to comfort her, kissing her forehead.


Hector and Elissa stand at the open garage watching as the officer emerges with a pool skimmer. Elissa tilts her head and calls him over noting the odd protrusion of a small spring action button. “I have a feeling Vanessa is going to find blood, skin and hair that match Travis Knight.”

He shakes his head. “Why here? She knew we had this place taped off.” Hector waves off the policeman to continue cataloguing the evidence.

Elissa shrugs a shoulder. “She panicked. Where else would she put it? In his place? In her car? In the garage she thinks we already finished checking?” The pair walk out of the garage and back into the sunshine. “She had it all and yet she had nothing.”

Squeezing her shoulder, he gets her attention. “Come on, we have paperwork to file.”


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